We are an organization committed to empowering and enabling black owned businesses. The creation of this directory is the beginning of a larger effort. We hope to shift the current paradigm regarding black businesses, and ensure businesses are equipped for success. As we expand, our site will entail additional features: the ability for consumers to post reviews, enhanced marketing capabilities, and other general site enhancements that will improve the user experience.

We strategically feature businesses that meet our minimum criteria, which entails a proven track record of success, an online prescence and a steady stream of clientle. We publish a brief blog post for each of our featured businesses. We typically support the business first-hand or receive a referral from a close colleague or friend. If you're debating upon supporting a business, and you are aware that someone from our team has written a review on the business, please reach out to us and we'd be happy to provide an honest, un-biased review.

I Am Black Business now only offers paid membership on the site. The value provided through our black business search engine is second to none in generating organic leads for your business. For more information, visit our subscription page at iamblackbusiness.com/subscribe.php.

We take the integrity of our directory very seriously. That means we want all businesses to be black owned and have correct information. As our directory grows, the integrity of the directory lies in the hands of the community.

To report an issue with a business, you can click the Report Business link found on the results page or the business listing page. That link will take you to a simple form where you can submit the issue.

Check out our Report Business blog post for detailed instructions

If your business information is incomplete or you just want to add additional information such as social media handles, you can use our Claim Business functionality. You will first need to create a user account on our Manage page. Once you have a user account, you can then click the Claim Business link from the results page or business listing page to initiate the claim business process. Once complete, the business will be displayed on your Manage page where you have access to complete the listing.

As of now, we only offer the claim business functionality to businesses where an email address was provided for the business. If your business was submitted without an email address, you can email the IABB team at team@iamblackbusiness.com with the business name, business email address, and some additional proof such as website or facebook page to help us confirm the email address belongs to the business.

We do plan to implement other mechanisms such as phone/text verification in the future.

Yes! You can get more information and the download links on our mobile landing page.